Swarit Deshmukh – Parent of V B- Periwinkle

Sir I am really very happy that my son is studying  in Bhonde High school .The school is very caring and supportive  I  feel happy you gave our children homework sending worksheets everyday and checking  the homework on school group and the class teacher personally contacts us, it was very good and caring of her. Students solved assignments and grew plants too. My son is very happy  ,he studies  and also helps  me .He is learning and studying everyday its a happy feeling .

Thank you teacher , and Madam for giving homework so that practice of all subjects are done also other activities like ,drawing are given such a  beautiful time spent by students in lockdown to keep them  very safe and in comfort during the holidays. Very good project of Bhonde High school. I always trust Bhonde High school, it is a best school, and the teacher is very good .

About Bhonde School

We commenced with extraordinary zeal, zest, vigor and enthusiasm. Our spirit was ignited and with extraordinary determination to fulfill the dreams of our founder, we resolved to construct a beautiful school, which would be a tribute to our late founder and a monument in his name. The school was therefore named after the name of our founder Trustee and is now known as “ Adv Bapusaheb Bhonde High School “.


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