Priya Pathare – Prem’s Mother

Actually I want to say something, those days are very difficult to everyone in Corona situation, as well as difficult to every children’s to stay at only at home, first day of lock down a big question front of me, how can handle to my daughter in this situation? I mean what she can do between those days, T.V, Mobile(to much)both are not good for her, so how can she spend the time,Whole day? but you know YOU solve my all questions about my daughter, you gave Homework to her and you believe me, she was very happy to done     home work, even I am.

And I think it very nice work from you, to every Student to gave home work ( Stay home and done Home Work) so Thank you so much ma’am for your best decision…

Activities that the school has undertaken during the lock down. E.g. Planting trees, painting, home study helped the children to learn how to take care of the environment along with their studies.Also, the children are very happy to see the self-planted plants sprouting small leaves. Such innovative activities of the school will continue. I am very thankful to Adv. Bapusaheb Bhonde high  School and teachers.

About Bhonde School

We commenced with extraordinary zeal, zest, vigor and enthusiasm. Our spirit was ignited and with extraordinary determination to fulfill the dreams of our founder, we resolved to construct a beautiful school, which would be a tribute to our late founder and a monument in his name. The school was therefore named after the name of our founder Trustee and is now known as “ Adv Bapusaheb Bhonde High School “.


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